Time Different

Time Different #2 - Interview with DINAMO

Type Power – Persistency round the clock, around the globe.

Dinamo is a Swiss type design practice established by Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb, the two work in different locations while time and distance are no boundaries for them.

DINAMO - Fabian Harb (left) & Johannes Breyer (right)

 DINAMO - Fabian Harb (left) & Johannes Breyer (right)


1. Hi Dinamo, What are your time zones now?

Johannes has currently relocated from Berlin to the busy Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, while Fabian wrapped...

Time Different #1 - Interview with Ryan Lau

Ryan Lau - Director, Multimedia host and producer, columnist - Hong Kong
Photographs - Ho Yin, Art Direction - Joe Kwan, Interview - Raphael Wong

As a newscaster, time and speed is everything, how do you perceive time?

Either being a caster or a director right now, from standing on stage to behind the scene, time always at utmost priority. Yet surfing time doesn’t mean to be quick and rush, controlling your own pace with time is crucial and most efficient instead. Think before you act, plan before you set, making the right decision save your...

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