Time Different #1 - Interview with Ryan Lau

by Joe Kwan

Ryan Lau - Director, Multimedia host and producer, columnist - Hong Kong
Photographs - Ho Yin, Art Direction - Joe Kwan, Interview - Raphael Wong

As a newscaster, time and speed is everything, how do you perceive time?

Either being a caster or a director right now, from standing on stage to behind the scene, time always at utmost priority. Yet surfing time doesn’t mean to be quick and rush, controlling your own pace with time is crucial and most efficient instead. Think before you act, plan before you set, making the right decision save your time and life.

With multiple responsibilities and identities, how do you schedule your day and reserve time for your family?

The easiest way is to fix it by a timetable, it is clear to overview how much time left after the regular schedule is fixed, say practicing basketball on Thursday, family day on Sunday etc. As such, you are in control of the time spending on irregular events, for example 1.5 hours for gym on a certain day, tasks complete efficiently when everything is planned.

How do you perceive watches? A necessary gadget for life? Men’s hobby? Symbol for taste and lifestyle?

I am not a collector and know nothing about investing on watches. Instead of premium and luxury watches, I prefer treating watches as a reflection of taste and character. Luxury watches sometimes clash with others too, my principle is to spend wisely on watches truly match with my style and kind.

What do you expect from watches? (Time telling? Functional? For styling or design?)

I used to focus on functionality because it is for both work and sports purposes, but it doesn’t matter now as we have all kinds of digital gadgets fulfilling the needs. I believe in simplicity and good craftsmanship, it makes a watch suitable for different outfits and long lasting.