We believe design is the key to a timeless product, ANICORN continually explores and achieve the concept of "to be Less & More" - the aesthetics of maximizing quality with minimal design. Be open-minded, adventurous and creative.

Design. — Simplicity innovations

ANICORN’s uncluttered, straightforward graphical form design is inspired by the simplicity and utilitarian functionality of the modernist architecture and industrial design since the 20th Century. Instead of using hands and flicks as index, the concentric discs dial system interpret time in a brand new perspective, the 3 discs - different units of time formed a multi-space structure to indicate the trails of time. We aspire to transform the desire to perfection into everyday's wear and one's aesthetic icon.

Typeface. — Contemporary

We work together with world-renowned typographers. Numeral is a typeface that principally and visually dictates the watch surface. We give attention to the numeral that it deserves.

Mechanism. — Sustainable
Our automatic mechanical movement timepiece requires no battery. The eco-friendly utilitarianism goes back to the basics – function.

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