Kojima Productions NFTs Aren’t Happening

News of a crossover between Kojima Productions and Anicorn Watch has caused confusion among fans who jumped to the conclusion that the Hideo Kojima-led company would soon be diving into the world of NFTs. With the subject of NFTs maintaining its controversial nature, some were quick to slam the Death Stranding developer for supposedly launching Kojima Productions NFTs in 2022. It turns out that it’s all just a big misunderstanding.

Kojima Productions x Anicorn Watch Though Anicorn has certainly been part of collaborations involving NFTs, with an “NFTs” section on its website pointing to previous crossovers, there’s nothing to say that the work with Kojima Productions will involve digital tokens. While it hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, those who aren’t shouting about NFTs are expecting a Death Stranding watch announcement. Following this controversy and how loud some responders are being, it’s possible that the timeline for the reveal will be accelerated somewhat.




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