1. ANICORN Series K452 Space Automatic Watches - K452 Nemesis

    Continuing the legacy of ANCORN’s long-selling timepiece series K452, the watchmaker takes it to the next level and introduces us to the dark, apocalyptic edition –– K452 Nemesis.
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    Teaming up with the most distinguished game creator Hideo Kojima and remarkable space agency NASA, ANICORN is honored to present the once in a lifetime collaboration timepiece – SPACE LUDENS, an epic partnership that is inspired by Ludens to proclaim creativity, imagination and the play element in culture.
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  3. Kojima Productions NFTs Aren’t Happening

    Hideo Kojima NFT scare ends with physical collectible confirmation

    With plenty of gaming companies going into the NFT market, fans are constantly on high alert to see which developer will embrace the controversial technology next. Yesterday, rumors that Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima was jumping into the non-fungible world blew up thanks to a tease from an NFT adjacent company, Anicorn. Turns out, it was all just for a physical collectible from Kojima Productions and Anicorn.

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  4. Staple X Anicorn Project Artemis

    ANICORN teams up with design legend Jeff Staple (Founder of Staple Pigeon) to launch PROJECT ARTEMIS.
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  5. M/M Paris X Anicorn “2” collector’s NFTs and Luxury range

    2GOOD 2B TRUE! One of the most influential creative agencies of the last three decades, the masterful art and design duo M/M (PARIS), have created “2”
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  6. Daniel Arsham X Anicorn

    Anicorn has teamed up with New York-based artist Daniel Arsham to create a limited edition dual-branded watch - ARSHAM STUDIO STANDARD WATCH.
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