• M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" colllection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set
  • M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" colllection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set
  • M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" colllection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set
  • M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" colllection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set, box set
  • M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" collection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set
  • M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" collection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set

M/M Paris x Anicorn "2" collection - “2Gether” Ping Pong Set

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Limited to 100pcs worldwide, fully handcrafted by Screw up studio. (Limited to 100 sets worldwide)

Always takes “2” to play. “2Gether” handcrafted Ping Pong Set mirrors the vibes and dynamics between the creative duo – colliding ideas, dancing like rhythm, the shine, heat and energy emitted throughout the partnership.

“2Gether” includes: 

  • A pair of ping pong rackets, one in red and one in black,  with concentric, clock-like graphics on the surface. 
  • 10 very unusual ping pong balls numbered from 1 to 0 with M/M (PARIS) modular typography. 
  • A premium M/M (PARIS) logo engraved bamboo box. 
  • Paddles are made of quality beech veneer, birch plywood and handcrafted by Screw Up Studio. Package of the Ping Pong Set is wrapped by the quote “There is a time to fish and a time to dry the nets” from the book title written by Alvin Johnston.

2All and 2theMetaverse

2GOOD 2B TRUE! One of the most influential creative agencies of the last three decades, the masterful art and design duo M/M (PARIS), have created “2” –– an ultimate collection consisting of five unique luxury range items and three exclusive NFTs with watchmaker ANICORN Watches. “2” symbolizes the world of M/M (PARIS), this collection is crafted 2All and is their first creative footprint 2theMetaverse. 

M/M (PARIS) very first timepiece, tagged with offbeat names – “2HAPPY”, “2LAZY” and “2BUSY” — the series indicates time with a bespoke dial and modular typography.

30 years after their inception in 1992, M/M (PARIS) articulates for the first time their unique design language on their very first timepiece series. M/M (PARIS) believes there are no boundaries between creative realms. Having proved their statement over the past three decades with prolific works across all the creative industries, the 2 of them have distilled their minds and charisma into a series of three unique timepieces, built around a bespoke dial showcasing M/M (PARIS) typography like a display of miniature sculptures on the beholder’s wrist. Proportions of watch hands and design of numbers on the dial reflect the philosophy of the duo by putting time in context.



The story of “2”

In a café, a friendly conversation pleasurably dissolves time. By no means does it lead to the creation of a universe. Yet to build any kind of world, one needs at least 2 humans to articulate 2 essential components, space and time, in an ongoing series of conversations or dialogues. 

Beyond the symmetry of the Ms in M/M are 2 distinct people. Since the beginning of the nineties, we have built creative dialogues across different fields and platforms, with many different human beings. 

We have created the WORLD OF M/M, a real world that exists in parallel to reality. Building worlds within others has always been key to us. Disruption is a creative strategy. We take the viewers out of reality and put them back into it, refreshing their vision of the world that surrounds them.

Regularly, through immersive exhibitions, we display, rearrange and distort things that we have produced within the spheres of art, fashion, music, publishing, theatre or cinema, making parts of our world tangible. Visitors are invited to wander through these time–space–hubs, which are structured using original display elements. This peculiar collection of objects materialises and reveals our ‘icons, indices and symbols’ in real life.

As a world must have language and grammar, the WORLD OF M/M has an original geometric typeface. 2” is the watch of this world, with the 12 hours represented in colourful volumes displayed in a circular space – a gradated black hole. 2” tells the time of the WORLD OF M/M, a perfect microcosm and a portable universe that projects seconds, minutes, hours and days onto the wrist, in a disruptive spiral between the 2 axes of space and time.

—M/M (Paris), October 2021