ANICORN Series K452 Space Automatic Watches - K452 Nemesis

Continuing the legacy of ANCORN’s long-selling timepiece series K452, the watchmaker takes it to the next level and introduces us to the dark, apocalyptic edition –– K452 Nemesis.

“The Darkest Hour Has Come.”

K452 Nemesis is inspired by the Nemesis Star Theory, whereas Nemesis is a theoretical red dwarf or brown dwarf star thought to be a companion (or “evil twin”) to our sun. The theory postulates that Nemesis could affect the orbiting objects in the solar system, sending comets to the earth and cause an extinction event – triggering the darkest hour.

Darkest of the Dark

K452 Nemesis represents the dark myth in space, and the scientific effort to spot the unseen in our universe.

K452 Nemesis are entirely coated in black, the signature concentric discs design from inner to outer discs graduated for seconds, minutes, and hours respectively. The reference point (Indicator) engraved at 12 o’clock position tells time perpendicularly.

K452 Nemesis has a black sand matt exterior which is unique from the earlier K452 series, the tactile design subtly reminiscing the rocky surface of celestial objects. Its interchangeable strap has an updated design with a sharper look exclusively tailored for the new launch. 

K452 Nemesis


About Series K452
On July 23, 2015 NASA publicly announced the revolutionary discovery of Kepler-452b, an exoplanet known as Earth's bigger, older cousin or "Earth 2," which orbits a star much like the sun. 

ANICORN was inspired by this incredible space discovery, the Series K452 was born in 2016.


ANICORN is an independent watchmaker and design company, designing watches beyond ordinary approaches. ANICORN never stops bringing in new inspirations and is keen on collaborating with creators with different minds, exploring the possibilities of time. ANICORN is also known for its extensive collaborations with NASA, Daniel Arsham, Philip Colbert to create timepieces with different perspectives.


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